Colonial Mexico (March 2023)

By Marla Laine Brown: Once upon a time in the Valley of Anahuac there lived Indigenous groups who built grand temples to their gods. Then not so happily ever after in the 14th century these hunter-gatherers came to be dominated by a people known as the Mexica, otherwise known as the Aztecs. The Aztecs had... Continue Reading →

Cruising the Danube (April 2022)

By Allan Brown: Prague has an area they refer to as Lesser Town but not in an disparaging way, our guide Jana didn’t like the term either. Lesser Town means it’s lower in elevation in its proximity to the river and more prone to flooding. The area is also where most of the foreign embassies... Continue Reading →

Walking Like an Egyptian (Jan 2022)

By Marla Laine Brown: It was nearly 5:00 AM when we woke to a crowing rooster and shortly thereafter the Call to Prayer. This time the mesmerizing sound was different because not only could we hear the prayer from the local Mosque, but an accumulation of haunting calls from distant minarets. Our cabin was still... Continue Reading →

Journey to Middle World (Oct 2021)

By Allan Brown: After our Amazon rain forest walk we hopped back on the boats and cruised across the river to a sandbar where two balsa wood rafts were waiting. They were like it sounds, balsa logs tied together like in the movies. We sat on the edge of the rafts dangling our legs in... Continue Reading →

Trippin in Quintana Roo (May 2021)

By Allan Brown: You will typically regret the things you didn’t do more than the stupid things you did do. With this in mind we made another trip to Xcaret Park with the goal of doing the third and last underground river. Continue to “Trippin in Qintanaroo” Return to Travel Geeks Blogs

Seeking Siam (Sept 2019)

(Anonymous quote): A university professor once visited a Zen teacher in search of more information about Buddhism. The teacher offered him a cup of tea, which the professor willingly accepted. Then the teacher started pouring tea in the cup, continuing to pour even after the tea started overflowing. “Why don’t you stop when the tea... Continue Reading →

Seeking Siam “Cambodia” (Sept 2019)

By Marla Laine Brown: I admit we had reservations about visiting Cambodia, a country with a tragic past. The Khmer Rouge 1975-1979 wasn’t that long ago and I felt sorrow with the realization that while I was in high school fretting over my inconsequential adolescence, the Cambodian people were being massacred and an entire culture... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Singapore and Phuket (Aug 2019)

By Marla Laine Brown: Shortly after being seated we began our immersion course into what I dubbed “Elephant Handling 101” and were educated about the 8,000 remaining elephants out of the 100,00 that once roamed Thailand. We also discussed the abuse of these animals for the benefit of tourism, such as the circuses and riding... Continue Reading →

Grecian Odyssey (Aug 2018)

(Anthony Bourdain quote): “For all of human history, there have been people who have burrowed into their well-known holes, hewing close to family, tribe, culture, race or nationality. And there have been the notable fewer who struck out, not to own or conquer or take or evangelize, but to see, experience, absorb, and enjoy, with... Continue Reading →

The Cuban Experience (May 2018)

By Allan Brown: Marla had planned a mystery vacation for us and I hadn’t a clue of where we were going. Our kids and her co-workers knew her plans and they all kept it a secret. I finally got some clues like being told to buy a hat, pack a swimsuit and bring sun screen.... Continue Reading →

A Scottish Fling (Feb 2017)

By Allan Brown: Hello everyone! Who goes to Scotland in February? We did, and let us explain. Marla has a co-worker who met a Scottish fellow in California, who works as a stuntman on the show Vikings. The filming of Vikings is done in Scotland. So when there was a break in February, that was... Continue Reading →

Cycling the Canal des Deux Mers (Sept 2015)

By Marla Laine Brown: After cycling a section of the Spanish Meseta on mountain bikes, we arranged to rent cruising bikes for France. Our next goal? …. To transverse France via the Canal des Deux Mers. This waterway, also known as the Canal of Two Seas, connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea by... Continue Reading →

Cycling the Spanish Meseta (Sept 2015)

By Marla Laine Brown: The Spanish Meseta is a section of the Camino France that lies between Lagrano and Astorga, Spain. This central plateau is considered the “Spanish Heartland” in Spain’s Castile region. It is known for its flat dry areas and lack of shade. It is also known to pilgrims as a place for... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Adventure (Aug 2014)

By Marla Laine Brown: Allan and I had just completed our hike on the Portuguese Camino when we decided to explore the Andalusian region of Spain. In order to do so we limited our time in Santiago and purchased train passes southeast. Our first stop would be in Madrid. From there we would head south... Continue Reading →

Walking the Portuguese Way (July 2014)

By Marla Laine Brown: The Portuguese Camino is one of many pilgrimage routes that cross through Europe to converge in Santiago de Compostela, the presumed burial site of the Apostle St. James. This Camino traditionally begins in Lisbon which continues north into Spain with a distance of approximately 610 km. Due to limited time we... Continue Reading →

Camino de Santiago (Sept 2013)

By Marla Laine Brown: El Camino de Santiago or The Way of Saint James is a pilgrimage across northern Spain to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The Camino has existed for well over a thousand years. The Way of Saint James was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during the medieval times. Legend... Continue Reading →

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