Behind the Iron Curtain (June 2016)

By Allan Brown:

This city tour not only included the cemetery but also free time in Red Square. We were to return to Red Square by 1:00pm in order to have 90 minutes to eat and shop. The bus was to tour out into the city before returning to Red Square. We tried to make a loop but ended up making a U Turn because the traffic was so bad. Our Guide “Borat” had used up all his material and was now winging it. We were easily lulled into a slumber with the droning of every factoid he could muster. We did not make it back to Red Square until 2:00 which gave us only 30 minutes of free time. We unanimously voted to first find a restroom and then wolf down a sandwich at GUM, before meeting to the Equestrian statue of Marshal Georgy Zhukov in Manege Square.

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