Seeking Siam (Aug 2019)

A university professor once visited a Zen teacher in search of more information about Buddhism. The teacher offered him a cup of tea, which the professor willingly accepted. Then the teacher started pouring tea in the cup, continuing to pour even after the tea started overflowing. “Why don’t you stop when the tea is overflowing?” The professor asked, worried. The teacher answered: “Your mind is just like this cup – overflowing with your expectations and opinions. I can’t give you new information until you don’t come with an empty cup”

~ Unknown

Cambodia (Seeking Siam Aug. 2019)

I admit we had reservations about visiting Cambodia; a country with a tragic past.  

The Khmer Rouge 1975-1979 was not that long ago. I felt a deep sense of sadness when I realized that while I was in high school fretting over my inconsequential adolescent youth, the Cambodian people were being massacred and an entire culture destroyed.

Our local tour guide Soh did not or could not dwell on the topic. He, like most of the Cambodian people, had lost family. Soh expressed hope that maybe some of his loved ones had made it to safety. He then changed the subject by expressing that the Cambodian people don’t dwell on the past but live in the present and look towards the future.

~ Marla

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