All Aboard for the Eastern Seaboard (Aug 2022)

By Marla Laine Brown:

Our planned excursion would whisk us off to explore the Bar Harbor area and Acadia National park. Honestly after a series of substandard tours the “Bar” (no pun intended) was set low. So after checking in we wandered over to our transport vehicle which turned out to be a brand new luxury minibus. Ummm .… are we in the right place I asked? Yes you are and please have a seat the tour guide responded. Alrighty!

As we entered that minibus I could smell that wonderful new cars interior with exquisite leather seats…. Well it could have been pleather but it didn’t matter. I’d already died and went to heaven. The seats were comfortable, the windows were clean, water was provided and the tour guide Chris was funny. What else could I have wanted? We could’ve stayed parked for the entire 31/2 hours and been totally satisfied. Yes that is sick.

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